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Sometimes, an inexperienced provider performs a circumcision that isnʼt wholly successful. If this happens to you or your child, then circumcision repair can correct the problem. Dr. Jerome Pittman, Dr. Sameer Malholtra and the team at Gentle Circumcision in Culver City, California, specialize in performing circumcisions on boys and men of all ages and have the expertise to correct a poorly done circumcision.

Circumcision Repair Q & A

Circumcision repair might be necessary if you or your son had a circumcision that was poorly performed. There might be unsightly or uncomfortable scarring or too much foreskin left behind, for example.

These problems can occur if the person doing the circumcision is inexperienced. Circumcision is a relatively simple, straightforward procedure. However, to achieve the best outcomes, you do need a practitioner with the necessary skill and precision.

The anatomy of a penis isnʼt as simple as you might think. Dr. Pittman is an expert in penile anatomy and appreciates the differences in anatomy between each patient. This allows the doctor to adjust his technique during circumcision so you can experience optimal results.

A less well-trained and experienced practitioner wouldnʼt have the skills to adapt to each patient, which might leave you with problems after your circumcision.

Several problems can develop when you have a circumcision that isnʼt done correctly. These include:

Excessive foreskin

You might find you have more foreskin remaining than you wanted. The redundant foreskin might cover the glans, or head of your penis, either partially or entirely when your penis is flaccid. This excessive foreskin can lead to infection and inflammation, as well as having a less pleasing appearance.

Extensive scarring

Unskilled circumcisions can result in noticeable scarring. The scars can be thick, elevated, or crooked. In most cases, scarring is unsightly but doesnʼt cause any medical problems. However, the scarring might cause issues like bowing or excessive curvature when your penis is erect, which can be painful.


Adhesions are bands of fibrous tissue that join the rim of the head of your penis to the scar tissue that forms after circumcision. Adhesions can cause significant pain and discomfort when you have an erection.

Frenulum breve

A frenulum is a band of fibrous tissue that connects two parts of your anatomy. Your penis has a frenulum under the glans that helps retract your foreskin when you get an erection.

If the frenulum is too short, your foreskin canʼt retract properly, and tension develops. This can cause pain and might lead to skin tears.

The precise method Gentle Circumcision uses to perform your circumcision repair depends on whatʼs causing the problem.

For example, if you have frenulum breve, frenectomy might address your problem. A frenectomy involves restructuring the frenulum, so it doesnʼt tug on your penis so much. Other issues will require other corrective options.

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