About Us

Gentle Circumcision in Culver City, California, specializes in male circumcision. Jerome Pittman, MD, and his team focus on providing safe, successful, and aesthetically pleasing circumcisions on males of all ages, from newborn infants to mature adult men.

Gentle Circumcision has carried out over 16,000 successful procedures. They are the original pioneers in the establishing the 1st specialty facilility exclusively for circumcision in the Southern California area and are reffered by over 1,400 medical facilities within the state of California.

Gentle Circumcision’s expertise in circumcision includes knowledge and experience in carrying out circumcisions at different ages, from older baby circumcision to teen and adult circumcision. Dr. Pittman also has exceptional skills performing revision circumcision when the original procedure was done elsewhere and causes problems, such as adhesions and excessive foreskin.

The Gentle Circumcision team takes a traditional approach to medicine, using evidence-based practices to ensure that circumcisions are always performed with the best interests of the patients as their focus. The practice has a specialized pain management protocol in place to ensure patients experience minimal discomfort, whatever their age.

Circumcisions at Gentle Circumcision take place in comfortable, relaxing surroundings, providing care that promotes faster healing. These specialist services won’t break the bank, though, as all procedures are set at an affordable price point.

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