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Newborn Aftercare

Helping new arrivals recover from circumcision the right way.


Your baby will receive 2 doses of infant acetaminophen (Tylenol) drops, each dose 6 hours apart. Dosage amount is 1.25 ml (first line on the dropper). No additional doses will be needed.

Neosporin antibiotic ointment is recommended for your baby. You will need to apply this around the ring, every diaper change.

Both the infant drops and ointment can be purchased over-the- counter and don’t require a prescription.

Cleaning the area:

Do not fully bathe your baby until the ring has fallen off. You may clean the area with a baby wipe and/or a washcloth. After cleaning, apply Neosporin ointment around the ring.


Small spots of blood on his diaper are normal. Contact our office Immediately if you see continuous bleeding or larger than a quarter size amount of blood on the diaper.


Bruising around the testicles is completely normal. It’s due to the administration of the local anesthesia. It usually takes 7-10 days to fade away.

Most frequently asked questions/concerns:

I think my son has a blister on the area:

You will notice a yellow or gray bubble which is caused by a medication (silver nitrate) which we use in the procedure room to prevent bleeding. This scab will become dry, hard and black, then will fall off by itself (similar to the belly button) within 2 weeks.

Why does it look infected?:

It is normal if the area turns yellow. This does not mean infection. This will clear up within days as healing continues.

Why does it look like the ring is starting to fall off?: The ring is designed to fall off within 10 days. This is part of the healing process. If the ring does not fall off by the 10th day, please call and schedule an appointment for removal by the doctor.

Email images:

The doctor will review your submitted email follow up images within 24 hours and reply by secure email. Submit images to:


Although unusual, we may ask that you return for a follow up appointment if the doctor deems it necessary.

Cleaning the area once the RING FALLS OFF:

You may begin fully bathing your son.

Discontinue the antibiotic ointment. Keep the area dry since this will speed the healing process.


Emergency phone number: (310) 897-5065

  • Your son is bleeding continuously.
  • Swelling increases after the 3rd day.
  • Your son has not urinated for 24 hours.
  • You notice foul smelling discharge.
  • Your son’s temperature is 101͒ or greater.
  • He appears to be in pain