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If youʼre an uncircumcised man, itʼs never too late to benefit from the advantages of undergoing circumcision. Dr. Sameer Malholtra and the Gentle Circumcision team specialize in performing circumcisions for adult men and providing a virtually painless circumcision using local anesthesia. Find out more about the benefits of adult circumcision by calling Gentle Circumcision or book an appointment online today at 310-559-8000.

Adult Circumcision Q & A

Many men who werenʼt circumcised as children decide they would like to undergo circumcision in their adulthood for many reasons.

Thereʼs some evidence that adult circumcision could protect your female partners from infection with human papillomavirus (HPV), which causes cervical cancer and other STDs. Some potential partners might like to have a partner whoʼs circumcised.

You might simply prefer the way a circumcised penis looks or want to make it easier to keep your penis clean and prevent infection. Whatever your reasons for wanting an adult circumcision, the medical team at Gentle Circumcision can help.

Thereʼs no denying that circumcision is a far more straightforward procedure in an infant. However, adult circumcision is still a very safe and uncomplicated procedure, as long as you seek out experienced professionals who specialize in performing the procedure in adults. Dr. Malholtra, a graduate of the Columbia School of Medicine and the Stanford University Urology program, meets all the criteria as an expert in this area.

Sleeve resection is the most commonly used method for adult circumcision. Local anesthesia is given before the procedure. Two cuts are made side by side in the shape of a ring on the shaft of the penis. The skin between the cuts are removed and the two edges are sewn together. The location of the healed scar will depend on where the cut closest to the glans is made. Stitches used will absorb into the skin, so removal is not necessary. The procedure takes approximately 45 minutes and healing time is 4-6 weeks.

To find out more about adult circumcision, call Gentle Circumcision, or book a free consultation online today.

Gentle Circumcisionʼs goal is to achieve a virtually painless procedure and recovery for you.

Adults should take a pre-circumcision loading dose of extra- strength acetaminophen at bedtime before, and again, the morning of their procedure. T

An adult circumcision performed at Gentle Circumcision should be virtually painless, as Dr. Pittman makes every patientʼs comfort a priority at every stage.  With needle-free injections, we are able to numb the circumcision area prior to, during, and after the conclusion of the procedure. This needle-free experience is virtually painless and simple in principle. The needle-free administration of  local anesthesia uses a medical grade jet to deliver a high-pressure jet stream of anesthesia directly to the impacted area. The anesthesia penetrates locally at the injection site and onset is almost immediate. Alternating between extra-strength acetaminophen and ibuprofen over the

next 48 hrs is sufficient to address any discomfort. Or as a matter of choice, you may request the doctor to prescribe a narcotic analgesic such Vicodin.

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