Travel to Gentle Circumcision

How it works?

Our fly-in program makes it possible for men of all ages and from across the globe to come into our beautiful Culver City outpatient facility to receive their circumcision procedures.

The pediatric and adult circumcisions performed at Gentle Circumcision are conducted by highly experienced physicians who are devoted to making this a positive experience for all. While the idea of a fly-in program may seem like a foreign concept to many, the result is an expert process conducted in a facility that ONLY specializes in one area of medical practice – for all ages.

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of male circumcision and a caseload in excess of 4,000 procedures every year, we have the experience to handle infants, boys, and men of all ages. The fly-in process is simple and highly cost-effective and involves the following four simple steps.

Step One – Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is the time when you discuss your needs, your options, the details of the procedure, the process, the costs and the recovery time.

Telephone interviews combined within- office consultation on the day of your scheduled surgery allows Gentle Circumcision to keep costs down.

Step Two – Schedule Your Procedure

After the telephone consultation, you get to mull over the advice, guidance, and finances to determine whether or not the fly-in program for circumcision is a good choice for you. Once you’ve decided, it’s time to schedule the procedure.

Plan to schedule your stay for at least 2 days PRIOR to your surgery to take advantage of all the exciting attractions that Southern California has to offer!

Step Three – Arrival and the Surgery

Getting there is half the fun. The good news for you is that Culver City is convenient to two major international airports:

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) in Los Angeles, CA, which is only six miles away. (recommended)

Bob Hope Airport (BUR) in Burbank, CA., located within 23 miles from Culver City.

Both airports provide access to Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Rodeo Drive, Hollywood, Universal Studios and countless exciting things to see and do in all these cities.

Then you can relax and feel confident knowing that your procedure is in the capable hands of skilled doctors who perform this often and with confidence.

Step Four – Recovery

Once the surgery is complete, it’s time for the recovery process to begin. It is recommended that fly-in circumcision patients stay over for 24 hrs after the procedure. Observation during the recovery period is important to keep an eye on how quickly the area is healing and to watch for any signs of complications.

Benefits of the Fly-in Program

There are many reasons to consider the fly-in program for circumcision, not the least of which are:

  • A trip to one of the most highly sought travel destinations in the U.S.
  • World-class attractions, including the Culver City movie studios, Malibu beaches, famous Hollywood, Disneyland and LEGOLAND (especially important for children who have the procedure)
  • Lodging in nearby historic Culver City Hotel or other equally superior accommodations
  • Affordable cost of circumcision – combined with vacation, it is often less than the TOTAL FEES at other locations.
  • Outstanding medical credentials of doctors and staff.

The Final Beneft is specific to Gentle Circumcision in that we specialize in pain management using our unique approach with the ultimate goal of providing pain-free circumcisions. What more can you ask for? And it’s all rolled into a convenient, affordable package.

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Can provide a virtually painless circumcision and recovery process. Over 5000 older baby circumcisions performed under local anesthesia.