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Pain Management

Gentle Circumcision® offers two options for adult circumcision. Local anesthesia (penile nerve block) and general anesthesia (sleep) are used to control pain during the procedure. Both methods are effective in eliminating pain so the final choice can be made by the patient.

Local Anesthesia (Nerve Block)

Local anesthesia involves the injection of an anesthetic medication on or around a nerve to control pain in a specific area of the body. They are used in combination with a sedative medication for pain control during circumcision. They work by temporarily blocking the pain pathways that connect the spinal cord to the brain. For this reason, pain sensation is not recognized. After the procedure is completed, oral pain relievers are prescribed to ensure a pain-free healing process.
Local anesthesia is a safe and effective choice for those who do not desire general (sleep) anesthesia.
It is offered on Tuesdays as a part of a program designed to provide adult males with a low- cost option for the procedure.

General Anesthesia (Sleep)

Patients under general anesthesia are in a state of unconsciousness. Medications used for general anesthesia are called inhalation anesthetics. The anesthetic is changed into a gas by vaporizing in a specially designed breathing machine. Once inhaled into the lungs, the medicine is carried throughout the bloodstream where its effects will produce loss of consciousness, loss of body sensation and muscle relaxation.  As a result, the patient will not feel or remember the surgery. The procedure will take approximately 30 minutes. Prescription medications taken by mouth will provide for a painless healing period.

 General anesthesia (sleep) is performed in the hospital surgery department and is available Monday through Friday. Once discharged from the recovery room, oral pain relievers are prescribed to ensure a pain- free healing process.
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